The SHOXX RX13 is a top performer with various machines in many materials. In addition : it is the fastest diamond blade you’ll ever run. They call it the “Blade Runner”!

Key points :

  • High-end diamond blade with SHOXX forged segments
  • Segment height: 1/2″
  • Maximum cutting speed
  • Clean cut
  • Ideal for angle grinders, high speed saws and wall chasers
  • Laser welded segments
  • Blade life time : 2x longer than competitors’ high-end blades


Optimum use :

  • (Strongly) reinforced concrete
  • Washed concrete
  • Concrete products
  • Granite
  • Lime sandstone
  • Brickwork
  • Ductile cast iron
  • SML pipes

Related machines :

  • Hand-held angle grinders
  • Cut-off saws
  • Table saws

Tip : switch between different materials to increase this product’s lifetime.
Safety information : the SHOXX RX13 diamond blade from SAMEDIA is compliant with the EN 13 236 european norm.

The SHOXX RX13  is suitable for USA, CANADA and EXPORT market


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